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Some more willowson by TwitchyHooligan
Some more willowson
I wanted to emulate Jeff Agala's style for this. I used it as the picture for a thread on tumblr.

Artist Inspiration: jeffagala 

Willowson, aka Wilson x Willow, isn't an official ship. However it is the one ship Klei doesn't debunk on their streams so

If it becomes canon, that's cool. If not, that's cool as well.
Like, Honestly...?
Tagged because of suicidal and self harming mentions.

    Things I know are incredibly difficult:
        1. Becoming a Canadian citizen.

    Things I'm willing to try anyway:
        1. Becoming a Canadian citizen.

    Each country has their ups and their downs. However, I would not feel safe raising my child in an American school in an American city. Canada's cons are not as bad as USA's cons. However, if someone from Canada would like to tell me why they aren't satisfied with their country, I do want to hear it. Because, frankly, all the "There's nothing wrong with our country!" I'm seeing... I don't believe you guys. I don't. Maybe I'm jaded from the mudpile that is America, but I genuinely cannot believe a claim that there's little to nothing that makes you angry about your country. I'm also having a hard time believing that Canada is accepting of immigrants. I can see the logic of liking immigrants, though. If an immigrant and their family buys an apartment or house, their money goes to a realtor, who will buy food, goods, and services with that money. Those grocers, cable guys, electricians, etc all earn a bit of his money, which they also turn around and use to buy goods and services. It keeps the economy rolling. That logic could apply to America too, however, America is xenophobic. Even though the reasoning states that immigrants stimulate the economy, it doesn't guarantee that everyone's going to see that.

    As for me? The constant shootings in America makes me angry. I don't like how America teaches the Imperial measurement system. I also don't like how America teaches Fahrenheit and not Celsius. We're 1 of 3 countries using English/Imperial for measurement, 1 of 5 using Fahrenheit. I don't like how only 60% of Americans are on board with gay marriage. And I'm terrified how you are literally almost 3 times more likely to get murdered in the United States than in Canada. I don't like living as the world's enemy when I want to help it. 

    If Canada's not the answer, I will find one. The answer won't be the US.

    For clarification, becoming a Canadian citizen isn't all that difficult. It's just tedious. Becoming an American citizen is shorter by only 1 year, but the way I'm looking at it is like this: By taking a long time, it shows that you really are willing to contribute to the nation and you aren't making an impulse decision. 

    This isn't an impulse decision by the way. Unlike when I thought I wanted to live in New England, I'm staying undecided until I can work out a clear set of Plan A, B, and C.

    Vent art? Who knows! Back to cartooning and working on my mod.
Willowson by TwitchyHooligan
drew this through my 7th all-nighter (Don't worry, I slept in the day)

I couldn't even see straight, how did I manage
Wallace Willoughby by TwitchyHooligan
Wallace Willoughby
He's going up on the Don't Starve Together workshop right now.

My Don't Starve OC!
Really all I need right now is a $5 thing. I'll post my commission prices below:

Paypal Email:

Sketch- $5

Lineart- $7

Lineart Flat Color- $9

Lineart Cell Shade- $12

Lineart Blur Shade- $15


Sketch- $8

Lineart- $10

Lineart Flat Color- $12

Lineart Cell Shade- $15

Lineart Blur Shade- $20


Sketch- $10

Lineart- $15

Lineart Flat Color- $17

Lineart Cell Shade- $20

Lineart Blur Shade- $25

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Don't Starve Stamp by Dark-ShionDon't Starve Stamp by LadyGlitchRick Stamp by XionStamps
Hi. I'm Dexter and I'm a student in college. Absolute Portal and Don't Starve trash. I have a certification in graphics already, but I'm waiting to get my degree to call myself a professional. I do cartooning in my spare time to alleviate stress. I really feel like I shouldn't be in the industry because of the repetition so I'm considering becoming a Bachelor of Science after this.

Instead, you can trade my services for real life money! Goes to supporting me through college. Scout Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

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